This is not a story of a digital revolution but a social one, in which we see that the story of our Virtual Reality is finite.

In time, we have come to a point of great awakening. The ground beneath our feet is shifting and we see that the way we live is changing.

All the developments we went through during industrial revolutions are transforming into a better version. We are currently entering a new era of human awakening and technological transformation. An era in which we will leave the Virtual Realm and return to mother earth, an era in which People are empowered to transform humanity’s path.

The process of human awakening is accelerating, and our consciousness is shifting to a higher frequency. It is the path of the Metahuman which is all about self-development, self-realisation and taking action. We are starting to see that universal reality and consciousness are one, and that we can create a new reality with our creativity and authenticity.

Through the use of technology, we become detached from existing systems and structures that are rooted in our Virtual Reality. A new possibility has arisen of building a new system decentrally, with Blockchain technology and Smart Contracting. The Metaverse is not an extension of our Virtual Reality in which maximum profits and control of humanity are being chased.

The Metaverse is the upcoming transformation of the Earth through the use of technology. The social transformation of humanity is paramount here. It is an expansion of our consciousness. If humans can look beyond their consciousness and see what their soul’s purpose is, the door of transformation will open. This is the true path of the Metahuman.

A Metahuman shapes their own reality and stays connected with the field of pure information and indefinite potential. To develop a new reality we have to learn how to imagine, feel, and live our future.

This will allow us to break through linearity and open the door to the quantum field, in which our perception can guide and control the material world.

It is only once we have walked this personal path with intentions that resonate with our actions that we will be able to enter the Metaverse. A Metaverse of infinite possibilities in which technology will structurally change our reality and the earth. Through the right use of technology, we can dissolve structures and become detached from this Virtual Reality we have created.

We will then reach a point where we can empower ourselves to take action to be radically creative and fight for our freedom. This is a call to action to together realise an upgrade of this technological world, in which we can shape the Metaverse ourselves.

photo’s by Greg Rakozy