This art project is a reflection of the artist’s quest for the Metaverse.

During this exploration, an insight has emerged about Metahumans.

Its is the story of people who go beyond their conditioning to accelerate in their soul purpose. Spiritual awakening of humanity is emerging in a rapid rate. We are leaving the era of the man-made Virtual Reality. We become increasingly connected to technology that allows us to literally transform the world into a Metaverse here on Earth.

To restore our connection with the earth and live for the greater good of people, planet & profit.

This art project supports anyone who resonates with this message and is committed to this great transition of ourselves and reality.

Each Fortune Tree is an art object and tradable digital asset. It’s the Metahuman’s visual mark and can be used as PFP (profile picture).

The Conscious Coin is the impression of the connecting link between the network of Metahumans. Each initial buyer of a Fortune Tree receives this coin. Non initial buyers who feel connected with the Metahuman path can send a message with an explanation to possibly obtain a coin.

The rest of the stock Conscious Coins (#1) is used to accurately and purposefully build a network of Metahumans.