“There is a Fortune Tree growing in all of us. I will give it some water to grow”.

This concept note provides a basic understanding of the intentions behind my work.

Artist’s note:

The universe is our master and we are its creative guide to create here on earth. Technology is bringing us closer to the tipping point towards a new era of humanity: the Age of Aquarius. The moment when we bring all our technological creations together in the Metaverse. It is the next phase of man, where we will make a leap in our consciousness. My intention is to support and accelerate this process with my message and creations so that we will awaken beyond our virtual reality. It will be a shift of our consciousness to a higher frequency that will reveal the truth of our true reality. Our MetaReality. I stared creating my Fortune Trees at the moment in history when the construction of the Metaverse began.

Reading of the Fortune Trees.

Each work is made up of pixels and blocks as a reminder of the blockchain technology that will help us on the path of decentralisation. Decentralisation equals the awakening of the individual.

The bonsai tree is the expression of pure beauty as created in the Zen Tradition. The tree as a reflection of man: beautiful and powerful with the potential to grow and take on a form as we see ourselves. The creation of the Metahuman. The slightly translucent colour around the tree represents our consciousness. It represents the filter between virtual reality and our true reality.

The moment we come closer and closer to our nature and realise that we are the source of pure consciousness, the essence of life and the source of all things. The moment we wake up beyond the virtual world in our MetaReality.

Our body and consciousness are linked to a field of infinite potential and pure information. It is the information from the Universe that we are connected to. It is the information that man has recorded in traditions and ancient writings for thousands of years. The search for truth.

One of these people was a Japanese Zen teacher and artist called Master Genshin. Sometime in the 19th century, he created a book in which he described the path to paradise. Fascinated by his work and effort to pass on information, I was able to secure parts of his ancient book. It is this information that I humbly process as the background to my work.It serves as a reminder that we are always connected to the field of pure information, in which we are Metahumans in our Metareality.

It is from this state that we can find the imagination needed to create the Metaverse.